Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pinky Swear Pets

Inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge (check out her pet post here) I'd thought I'd introduce you to the furry department of Pinky Swear Designs. A.J. and I are both big animal lovers and even though A.J. doesn't currently have pets (allergies & babies) she loves up on my babies whenever we're in our "workshop" together.

Meet Tammie, head of Afternoon Naps and Evening Strolls. This furry little thing bolted into our house a few years back and promptly made herself at home. Her former owners, who had neglected her terribly, called us and told us to keep her, they were moving anyways :( . I've come to embrace her for the little old lady lap dog that she is and have proudly become a buyer of dog barrettes and sweaters (she needs them!). But I still giggle a little watching my heavily tattoed husband walk a ten pound fluffy dog in an argyle sweater.

And this is Carrots, Packing and Shipping Assistant (he's great with shredded paper) and Director of Keyboard Sitting. When Carrots became a part of the family he was fresh off of "death row" in a South Central shelter and was a scrawny little thing. He's since packed on the pounds and towers over Tammie. He looks like a big tough guy but deep down he's just a big papa bear who insists on giving everyone who visits kisses and grooming sessions (especially the babies).

How about you? Do you have fuzzy officemates? We'd love to meet them! Share a link in the comments.

Also, because I feel very passionate about this and feel the need to share, if you or someone you know in the Orange County area is thinking about getting a pet, please share these links with them! These are some great rescues doing amazing work and finding forever homes for some sweet animals that really deserve it:

MeoowzResQ - (who rescued and fostered our Carrots before we adopted him) rescues cats and kittens and fosters them in loving homes.
I.C.A.R.E Dog Rescue - Rescues and fosters puppies and dogs
Barks of Love - also rescues puppies and dogs.

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